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The Lobster | Category: UX/UI, Video Editing, Typography, illustration | Year: 2021

In this project, I was asked to create a website in order to promote an upcoming movie.

I chose to design this site for the film: "The Lobster". My goal was to create an aesthetic and pleasant experience yet, inflicting a bizarre and uncomfortable feeling (romantic and hallucinatory at the same time). Introduce the user to the reality of the disturbing "hotel" shown in the film, flood him with questions that arise from the film, like making him choose what animal he would be if he failed. The experience is playful to make the visitor active and alert, to give a limited sense of time.

The user feels as if he is in the protagonist's shoes by answering a questionnaire on the site that explains the hotel's rules, which are aesthetically and romantically designed. In the background are excerpts from the film that sometimes contradict the text and design.

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