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Oratio Magazine | Category: Editorial Design, Photography | Year: 2021

The brief we received was to make a magazine representing who we are. I chose to present myself through the thing I love most, food. I divided the magazine into three parts: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The breakfast part deals with the meeting between the two identities in me, the Russian and the Israeli. I chose to emphasize the difference between how I grew up, at home and outside of it, through food packaging that represents the same thing only in a different cultural language and ideals; both are part of my identity.

At lunch, I deal with injustice, which bothers me a lot. I chose to present it through recipes that emphasize the feeling and essence of injustice.

The last part deals with the sharing function and the different meanings in food. Examining it as a tool that Breaks barriers, brings cultures together, and allows us to know each other in-depth.

The magazine itself is a glimpse into my personal experiences from the past and my time as an exchange student in Hamburg.

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